Roger Federer updates health status ahead of Laver Cup

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Roger Federer updates health status ahead of Laver Cup
Roger Federer updates health status ahead of Laver Cup

Wednesday, Roger Federer published a video on social media in which he thanked everyone for sending him messages and also gave an update on his health status ahead of Laver Cup. "Hey everybody! Just wanted to give a quick update on how everything is.

Number one, huge thank you to all the wonderful messages I have received over the last few days. It's been clearly very very emotional but good. I'm happy to be in London, and it's been wonderful to be surrounded by really close family, Mirka, kiddies, and everybody, and my team as well.

I feel very happy that the message was so well received. Your messages have been incredible. It means a lot to me. I'm getting ready, I'm practicing, and I'm feeling really good. I can't believe I'm back on the tennis court trying to get ready for one more match.

I'll keep you posted along the way. Thank you for all the wonderful messages," said Federer.

Roger Federer's plans for Laver Cup

Roger Federer recently told Swiss media he plans to play doubles at the Laver Cup on Friday and that will be his final appearance as a pro tennis player.

Last Thursday, Federer revealed his intention to retire after the Laver Cup. Over the weekend, fitness coach Pierre Paganini revealed that Federer might not even be able to play a single match at the Laver Cup. "This will probably be a last moment decision, he practiced the way so that he gathered the maximum of information if it’s a good idea or not; I‘m excited," Paganini revealed to Blick.

Fortunately, it seems that Federer will at least be able to play one match. Related: BREAKING: Roger Federer reveals his plans for Laver Cup

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