Roger Federer answers whether he plans to stay involved with tennis in retirement

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Roger Federer answers whether he plans to stay involved with tennis in retirement

Swiss tennis great Roger Federer has confirmed that his retirement from professional tennis doesn't mean that he won't stay involved with the game in the future. Federer, 41, is officially retiring after this week's Laver Cup.

During his appearance on the BBC Breakfast, Federer underlined that he won't turn his back on tennis after this week. "I just wanted to let the fans and the people who have supported me so long, for so many years and everywhere around the world that I will still be seen.

I love this game and I will stay involved in some shape and I won't be just a ghost or a stranger and not be around anymore," Federer said.

Federer: The last three years haven't been easy

After the 2020 Australian Open, Federer underwent a knee surgery.

A few months later, Federer underwent a second knee surgery. Federer made his return in 2021 March, only to play five tournaments and later undergo a third knee surgery. “The last three years have been tough to say the least.

I knew I was on very thin ice for the last year ever since I played Wimbledon. I tried to come back but there was a limit to what I could do. And I stopped believing in it, to be honest," Federer admitted. Also, Federer admits that the last few years have also been very hard for his wife Mirka.

"The last few years were hard for me, but I think they were even harder for her. She really didn't enjoy watching me anymore, with all the injuries. I felt kind of sorry for her. It's a great relief for her that it's over now," Federer added.

Federer was initially targeting to make a comeback in late 2022. Unfortunately, he is coming back just to play one doubles match at the Laver Cup and then retire.