Roger Federer: 'That was pretty clear beforehand'


Roger Federer: 'That was pretty clear beforehand'

On Friday evening the last match of Roger Federer's career will be staged, a historic event that will mark the end of an era. Given his precarious physical condition, the Swiss asked to be allowed to play only a double in the Laver Cup (presumably together with his friend and rival Rafael Nadal).

The former ATP No. 1 announced his decision to retire last week, news that has sparked countless reactions in the four corners of the planet. The 41-year-old from Basel, who has undergone three knee operations in the last two and a half years, has tried hard to get back in shape, but his body has sent him very clear signals in recent months.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has also decided to renounce the ATP in Basel, unable to take a singles match and not wanting to take unnecessary risks. On Wednesday morning, reporters attending the O2 Arena in London had the opportunity to ask their questions to the Maestro.

While he has confirmed his retirement, Federer has nevertheless promised that he will not depart from the world of tennis.

King Roger is ready

The reasons behind Roger Federer's retirement announcement and the factors that led to the decision have been subjected to a lot of speculation.

"The last set against Hurkacz was one of the worst hours of my career," he revealed. "I realized that nothing works anymore. It's over. The disappointment felt like fireworks in my head. I didn't know how to proceed with this knee.

At the press conference, nobody asked how the knee was doing. I thought: Hey, am I such a good actor that nobody noticed?" Roger Federer will bid his final farewell at the O2 Arena in London. "I love the city. And to have someone like Björn Borg on the bench and to be surrounded by a lot of other players makes me very happy.

Usually a career ends in defeat, you play alone, there's something sad about it. It would have been okay if I hadn't been able to play here at all, but now I can say goodbye to the fans on the pitch, as a player," he stated.

"I'm happy and surprised at how good my shots are. But I won't be able to play singles, that was pretty clear beforehand. That's why it was no longer an option to compete at the Swiss Indoors at the end of October. I guess I'll play doubles here on Friday night and that's it," he stated.

Roger Federer