Roger Federer: 'I stopped believing in it'

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Roger Federer: 'I stopped believing in it'

In recent days the tennis world has been "shocked" by the news of the official withdrawal of Swiss champion Roger Federer. The 20-time Grand Slam winner announced the news of his goodbye a few days ago and Roger will say goodbye in a few days at the 2022 Laver Cup.

Many tennis players said goodbye to their friend and in a way idol, and the words of Rafa Nadal, friend and great rival of Roger, impressed. The winner of 22 Slam titles posted on his social channels the following post, which also elicited much praise: "I wish this day had never come.

It is a sad day for me personally and for people around the world who love sport. I told you when we talked and here it is. It has been a pleasure, but also an honor and a privilege to share all these years with you, living so many wonderful moments together, on and off the pitch.

We will still have many moments to share together in the future, but there are still many things to do together, we know. For now, I would like to sincerely wish him the best with his wife Mirka, his children, his family and may he enjoy whatever the future holds.

We'll see you in London for the Laver Cup." Rennae Stubbs spoke to the Sportkeeda microphones and referred to the relationship between the two phenomena: "Rafa and Roger are very good friends, they're both very strong and they're both great guys.

There is genuine respect between them and they showed it every time they faced each other, I think they were genuinely good friends. Roger and Rafa have this friendship, a relationship that neither of them has with Djokovic.

I don't think there is animosity between them, but they are not friends."

Federer knew he was on 'thin ice'

Roger Federer revealed that it has been a tough three years for him dealing with injury setbacks.

The Swiss maestro also spoke about how he knew he was on 'thin ice' since the 2021 Wimbledon Championships. “The last three years have been tough to say the least. I knew I was on very thin ice for the last year ever since I played Wimbledon.

I tried to come back but there was a limit to what I could do. And I stopped believing in it, to be honest," said Federer. "The last few years were hard for me, but I think they were even harder for her. She really didn't enjoy watching me anymore, with all the injuries. I felt kind of sorry for her. It's a great relief for her that it's over now," he added.