Rafael Nadal fails to respect promise to Roger Federer after being late to Laver Cup

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Rafael Nadal fails to respect promise to Roger Federer after being late to Laver Cup

Because Rafael Nadal planned to arrive later than other Team Europe members, the Spaniard showed that he hasn't improved much since he told Roger Federer that he will do better regarding promptitude.

A fan spotted this fact and tweeted about it.

"As we all wait for Rafa to show up in London, let's remember the time Roger begged him not to be late, then bizarrely announced that the whole reason he was put on this earth as a Swiss person was so that he could remind this Spanish man to be on time," wrote the fan.

  • "Don't be late, please," Federer says in the video;
  • "You know, I am not very good on this," Nadal answered;
  • "I know that's why I'm Swiss!

    I will remind you," said Federer;

  • "But I am improving," said Nadal;
  • "You are improving, very much, and I thank you very much," Federer concluded the dialogue.

Nadal planned to arrive Thursday

Nadal announced that he had planned to arrive on Thursday but he also acknowledged that he was late.

"Hey… I am coming tomorrow… Landing in London in the morning… wait for me," said Rafael Nadal on Twitter.

The forthcoming Laver Cup will be the final opportunity to see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the same court.
Until the first edition of the Laver Cup in Prague in 2017, the two great rivals had never played on the same side of the court.

Roger and Rafa teamed up on Saturday, September 23, thirteen and a half years after their first Tour singles match.
They defeated Jack Sock and Sam Querrey 6-4, 1-6, 10-5 in one hour and 19 minutes for a huge celebration.

Roger will only play one doubles match this week in London, and he says it would be an absolute dream to share the court with Rafa again.