Roger Federer confesses: "It's been tough for Mirka in recent years"

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Roger Federer confesses: "It's been tough for Mirka in recent years"

Roger Federer revealed how the decision to retire came about, also analyzing his relationship with his wife Mirka in recent years. The Swiss Maestro says goodbye to tennis in this edition of the Laver Cup 2022. He explained: "I tried to come back, I assure you.

As I started to push harder in training, it became too difficult. When I was invited to Wimbledon for Center Court's 100th anniversary, I still thought I could go back. But ten days later, his knee was still in the same condition.

I made a resonance that gave a negative result, there was no more progress. There I realized that I was at a crossroads and I had to ask myself some questions. I was already walking on a very thin sheet of ice, what was the point of insisting? I didn't want to run after something unrealistic.

Within a few days, I realized it was over and started thinking about how to announce it. It was towards the end of July, but it took me three weeks to process that decision. The last few years have been tough for me, but I think they have been even harder for Mirka.

She wasn't happy to see me playing with all those problems. I wanted to greet my fans in person. In recent months, I realized that I would not be able to play either the Grand Slams or the smaller tournaments like Basel. I thought the Laver Cup was the ideal setting to close."

Roger's goodbye to tennis

Over the past week, there is nothing but talk of Roger Federer's imminent retirement. All the fans were hoping for a last ride in 2023, but the physical condition of the Swiss forced him to make a very difficult decision.

The former world number 1 will end his legendary career at the end of the Laver Cup, where he will only play doubles on Friday night (presumably with Rafael Nadal). The 41-year-old from Basel has undergone three knee operations in the last two and a half years and has never abandoned the desire to return to the field, testifying to his unconditional love for the sport.

Earlier this summer, the King realized that a return to the tour would be impossible. "It is not just the knee, it is the whole body that has been subjected to enormous stres," confided his historic trainer Pierre Paganini in a recent interview.

20 Slams, 103 ATP titles and 28 Masters 1000 are just some of the numbers that have made the Master one of the greatest athletes ever.