Roger Federer reflects on how parenthood affected his career

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Roger Federer reflects on how parenthood affected his career

Former world No. 1 Roger Federer said he would have likely retired 10 years ago if his kids weren't able to travel with him during tournaments. Federer, 41, became a father in 2009 after his wife Mirka gave birth to twin daughters, Myla and Charlene.

In 2014, Federer and his wife Mirka welcomed twin sons, Leo and Lenny. "I have twin girls, as you know, Myla and Charlene. They were born in 2009, just after I became, I think I was the World No. 1. The girls were born, and from that moment on — 2010 and 2011 — I didn't win any Slams.

I remember changing diapers, bathing the girls, and just being a dad," Federer said on NBC's Today. "But then when the boys were born, that rocked a boat, obviously, because going on the road with four kids every single week was hard, to say the least.

And from being maybe the dominator, the challenger, and I liked that role as well, I actually really stayed hungry throughout. I'd never go on the road without my kids. Then I'd rather retire. I would have had to retire ten years ago."

Federer set to retire after the Laver Cup

Federer, who turned professional in 1998, is ending his career after this weekend's Laver Cup. The past three years have been very challenging for Federer, who has had three knee surgeries since 2020.

This week, Federer admitted that his wife Mirka didn't enjoy watching him as much in recent years as it was hard for her to watch him knowing that he was bothered by a knee issue. Federer, who underwent a third knee surgery in 2021 August, was hoping to make one final return at some point of the 2022 season. Unfortunately, his knee didn't progress as targeted and he is retiring after the Laver Cup.