Roger Federer: 'There was a certain process that started...'

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Roger Federer: 'There was a certain process that started...'

What will be the future of Roger Federer after his last Laver Cup match, which will make his retirement from tennis official? The Swiss tennis player has cleared up some of the many doubts that still confuse fans and connoisseurs: the 41-year-old will try to remain an icon for this sport and continue to be a reference.

Many doors can be opened for the Basel player and his intention is to continue in the movement, obviously in other ways. In the press conference, the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles spoke about the possibility of being a match commentator at Wimbledon: "I never thought I would say something like that, but six months ago I suddenly thought: why not narrate tennis a Even though I always said I would never do it.

Maybe some Wimbledon matches..." he reiterated. Among the questions was the issue of the family and if he will also dedicate himself to his wife Mirka: "I'm sure he will. The last few years were hard for me, but I think they were even harder for her.

She didn't like seeing me like this, with all those injuries. She made me very sad," he added. Roger also highlighted the response of his loved ones to the news of his withdrawal: "They reacted emotionally. Many cried.

The children have asked if we no longer go to Halle, Wimbledon and Indian Wells. I told them not for the tournament, but if they want we can go again", he clarified. Federer continued emphasizing during his long interview: "I want to make it clear to all my fans that they will continue to watch me, because I will find a way to remain closely linked to the sport" , he concluded.

Federer was never going to risk it at all

Roger Federer threw light on the events that led to his decision to call it quits from the sport. "I was not willing to go into the direction of let's risk it all. I'm not ready for that.

I always said that was never my goal. I can't believe, if I look back at the last few years that I went through, the surgeries that I had to go through, for me it was always clear that I was going to end my career with no surgeries.

You know, before 2016 and even '16 was a tough year getting back from it," he said. The 41-year-old added that he knew any setbacks to his body and health would potentially rule him out of the sport. "I guess there was a certain process that started at the beginning of the summer, you know, where you try to go to the next level in training, and I could feel it was getting difficult.

So obviously at that point I knew any hiccup, any setback, for that matter, was going to be the one potentially," he said.