Casper Ruud reveals how he finally got Roger Federer's phone number

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Casper Ruud reveals how he finally got Roger Federer's phone number

Casper Ruud revealed Team Europe has its group on WhatsApp and that's how he finally managed to get Roger Federer's number. Ruud, 23, is making his second Laver Cup appearance this week. Last year in Boston, Ruud made his debut at the Laver Cup.

This year's Laver Cup edition - which is taking place in London - is set to be marked by Federer's retirement from the game. Ruud, who is also a member of Team Europe like Federer, is set to be a part of the Swiss' final tournament.

"As we are in the Laver Cup, we have a group chat on WhatsApp with the team," Ruud explained to Barbara Schett. "[So] I finally got Roger's phone number! It took some time but I have it now, so that was nice to get a message.

He wrote us all a message welcoming us. I saw him today outside and he came and congratulated me on the result. We talked a little bit. It is going to be fun to be around him and the other guys."

Ruud had to decline Federer's invitation to dinner

For Thursday, Federer invited all teammates from Team Europe for a dinner.

But since Ruud already had a podcast appointment with Eurosport's Barbara Schett, he had to decline Federer's invitation. "You should feel honoured, actually. [Federer] asked us out for dinner, the team-mates, today at nine, and I said 'I would love to, but I have a podcast with Barbara!' I have dinner with them tomorrow and the day after, so I prioritised you this time, Barbara," Ruud said.

Ruud is set for singles action at this weekend's Laver Cup. On the other side, Federer is teaming up with Rafael Nadal only for Friday's doubles match and that's it. Ruud and company would certainly like to help Federer go out as a winner for one final time.