Roger Federer: "I'm not sad, I'm happy"

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Roger Federer: "I'm not sad, I'm happy"

Roger Federer allowed himself one last match in the Laver Cup and despite the defeat, net of anything a very simple detail, he does not hide in any way the emotions after the farewell match with Rafael Nadal, who in equal measure from a corner of the O2 Arena looks at the friend and rival of a lifetime with shining eyes full of admiration.

The tears that accompany every single word don't just define the tennis player. In the most eloquent way they define man above all. The same Roger explained in tears: "It was a wonderful day, I'm not sad. I'm happy to be here, I enjoyed tying my shoes last time.

I've spent these days with my family, my friends, fans, I haven't heard in no way the stress. I was really afraid of having back pain but I made it all the way to a great match so I couldn't be happier than that. I've always felt part of a team, I've always had a team that has traveled with me and ending my career in a team tournament is a pleasure for me."

Roger Federer: "I'm not sad, I'm happy"

Mirka, who observed the whole scene from the stands before entering the court, obviously had a fundamental role in Federer's speech, who was keen to thank everyone: from Nadal to the team members to all his team mates.

He said before saying goodbye and a tribute video"It was fantastic to have Rafa by my side and all the legends that came here for me. I wanted a party, it was what I hoped for. It is thanks to Mirka that I am here, she could have stopped me long ago.

Thanks to the family and everyone you." The atmosphere becomes surreal in the finale with Ellie Goulding's performance which is then the backdrop for a tribute video. Federer hugs Mirka and her children, whispers to them everything is fine before continuing the farewell tour in the O2 Arena for the final farewell to the world of tennis.