Who does Roger Federer call "brochacho"

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Who does Roger Federer call "brochacho"

After Federer's coach Severin Luthi captioned a video showing them hugging each other at Roger's retirement event at O2 Arena with "Love you, brochacho", the Swiss Maestro reacted on his Instagram Stories.

Federer shared the video and wrote: "Once a brochacho, always a brochacho."

According to the Urban Dictionary, brochacho is "a hybrid between the Spanish word muchacho meaning "a young man" and the slang English word 'Bro.'
It's a slang term of endearment that works interchangably with the word 'Bro'"

Luthi said Federer would have done anything for one last match

Before Laver Cup, Severin Luthi pointed out that Federer wanted to play a retirement match and was working hard for it.

"We haven't decided anything about the Laver Cup yet. I followed Roger Federer's training last week and we will be back on the pitch in a few days. We are working so that Roger can play. It is not yet clear if he will do the singular or the double, we will establish it later.

Federer wants to be with his teammates and try to play. He doesn't want to put himself above the Laver Cup, but I think there will be goosebumps moments." Severin then explained the reasons for the retirement: "He simply has not made enough progress.

He is 41 and has been on the circuit for a very long time, has played over 1500 games. His retirement is a combination of these factors. People shouldn't be. only sad, but also happy for all the emotions they felt thanks to Roger.

" Now that he retired, Federer says that he's happy that he was the first one of the Big 4 to do so. “I am happy they are going to have more battles,” Federer told Eurosport. “I’m going to be watching from the couch or the bed, wherever, so it’s going to feel good.

I’m happy to go first because I am the oldest of the bunch. I tried long and hard to come back for the last few years and this is the right moment to go out”.