'Roger Federer was lucky enough to do that', says expert

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'Roger Federer was lucky enough to do that', says expert

The news of his retirement and his last match played last Friday shocked all fans, and seeing him on the sideline during the Laver Cup almost makes one cringe. Roger Federer, one of the greatest or perhaps the greatest living legend of the sport, has finally said goodbye to tennis and will not play any more matches on the circuit.

However, the 41-year-old Swiss follows his Team Europe teammates in the Laver Cup, a competition now in its fifth edition. Federer spoke with Eurosport colleagues and resumed his farewell from last Friday. These are his words: "I was very moved, more than I expected.

I had accepted it before, but then the atmosphere and the music changed everything, everything is so beautiful here. I told myself that I am happy, I am not sad. In the end I had a wonderful race, I'm healthy and to say goodbye here was wonderful.

I fulfilled and realized my dream of being a tennis player to the fullest" Just a few weeks ago, Roger Federer said goodbye to the world of tennis with a letter, a beautiful letter in which he said goodbye to his fans and all those who we can consider as his family.

These are his words: Roger Federer has announced his retirement from tennis. For this, he has decided to publish a video in which he explains the reasons for his decision: after the video, the social post where the complete letter that the Swiss wanted to write is found.

"To my tennis family and beyond. Of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest is undoubtedly that of having introduced me to people along the way: my friends, my rivals and, above all, the fans."

Federer lost his last match

In his interview, Jim Courier touched upon the special relationship that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have shared over two decades, despite being rivals. "They have such a deep connection and as they've aged, that connection has forged a bond between the two of them," Courier said.

"The Roger Federer story doesn't exist without Rafa and the reverse is also true. For them to have that moment together. You don't typically get to script your exit and Roger was lucky enough to do that. This is his event and he was able to pull Rafa in.

It's obvious Rafa wouldn't have played otherwise. That just makes it that much more special. They were able to be on the court together, so many incredible moments — their laughter, tears, the hand-holding. It's going to be on a movie someday," he added.