Jil Teichmann shows massive respect, appreciation for Roger Federer

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Jil Teichmann shows massive respect, appreciation for Roger Federer

Swiss tennis player Jil Teichman showed massive respect and appreciation for Roger Federer when asked to describe the Swiss. Federer, 41, retired from professional tennis this past weekend at the Laver Cup. Teichmann, who turned 25 in July, was from the generation that grew up watching Federer dominate men's tennis.

"Roger, for me, he is amazing. He is the best. The GOAT in every aspect. As a human, as a player, he's brought so much to tennis, and I think everyone anywhere in the world admires him. If I would have one word to describe Roger Federer, it will be 'Perfect,'" Teichmann said in a video for Tennis Channel International.

Teichmann told a kind Federer message

When Teichmann noticed Federer surrounded by the cameras in the hallway at the 2018 US Open, she planned to just move past Federer and not disturb him.

Then as they were crossing paths, Federer wished Teichmann good luck ahead of her US Open qualifying final round match. Teichmann was stunned after those Federer words and it took her some time before she responded. "Yeah.

I actually have had a funny moment. It was in US Open. I'm not sure if, I think 2018, I'm not sure. I was playing last round of qualifying," Teichmann recalled earlier this year. "I was actually set on the first round. I was walking out of the locker room, and there is this really small hallway.

He was coming the other way, I'm not kidding, with three, four, or five cameras. I'm, like, I'm not going to disturb, so I just went on one side. In the moment of crossing, he's, like, 'Good luck,' in Swiss-German. I was so in shock.

I didn't answer in that moment. I was, like, Oh, my God. Did he really just say that?" Throughout his entire career, Federer enjoyed a great reputation among fellow players.