Does Roger Federer have a future as a coach ahead?

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Does Roger Federer have a future as a coach ahead?

Roger Federer said goodbye to tennis in one last heartwarming event, the 2022 Laver Cup at London's O2 Arena. The Swiss champion, conditioned by constant knee problems, has decided to end his career by playing one last tournament in the company of two historical rivals Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

The Laver Cup turned out to be the perfect stage to close the curtain and greet all his fans. Team Europe, for the first time, failed to conquer the team event dedicated to Rod Laver, but it gave great emotions on and off the pitch.

After the double played together with Nadal last Friday, many people have expressed their desire to see Federer sitting on the bench of one of the players who populate the ATP Tour. Djokovic and Andy Murray also expressed their opinion on this possibility, with words of enormous esteem for the Swiss.

Djokovic explained at the end of the Laver Cup: "He has a lot to offer. If he ever thought of becoming a manager, I think he would bring a lot of positive things and give the player he coaches the opportunity to achieve enormous growth.

Many people still believe, due to his playing style, that he doesn't need any effort. They believe that his talent is something natural, but you have to think about all the time he had to devote to tennis to perfect his game and make it look easy."

Does Roger Federer have a future as a coach ahead?

Murray, for his part, said: "I think it would be a challenge for him to coach any tennis player, because he would have to put himself in their shoes and know that it is much harder for us to play tennis, much harder than it seems to him.

I imagine that if one day he decided to coach, he would choose players with a lot of potential and a great motivation to learn. Federer loves tennis and is fantastic." We'll see if Federer decides to take this path and test himself again.

For now the Swiss Maestro will want to enjoy his family, who have followed him on the Tour for many years. But in a few years, who knows if he will put his class and knowledge at the disposal of some young (or not so young!) Tennis player who will he need to improve some aspects of his game? Roger Federer's tennis is unique in this current era: the Game is going in a different direction than his style on the court, so could his advice be essential for a future champion? Will we see him, for example, super coach Carlos Alcaraz or Jannik Sinner, in a few years?