Coach Ivan Ljubicic shares thoughts on Roger Federer's final tournament

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Coach Ivan Ljubicic shares thoughts on Roger Federer's final tournament

Coach Ivan Ljubicic said Roger Federer being surrounded by fellow Big Four group members contributed to the Swiss being very emotional in his final tournament. Last week, Federer retired from professional tennis at the Laver Cup.

On Team Europe, Federer was teammates with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray. After teaming up with Nadal in his final match, Federer was very emotional as he broke down in tears several times during his speech.

Nadal himself was also very emotional and also broke down in tears while Federer was giving his speech. "It is going to take some time, but we obviously knew a little bit more in advance," Ljubicic told Eurosport.

"We could prepare for it, but it is hard. It is hard. I knew Roger would struggle emotionally, of course, I think everyone expected that. But for me personally, the trigger was to see others - Rafa, Novak and Andy - the whole thing was really emotional."

Ljubicic: Federer is not going anywhere

After 24 years on the pro level, Federer called it a career. Tennis fans were disappointed to see Federer retiring, but Ljubicic insists the Swiss will remain connected to the game in other ways.

"It is not a funeral, nobody died, it is all good - so we have to move on and celebrate who Roger is, what he brought to our sport, and what he will keep bringing in the future because, as he said, he is not going anywhere.

He is not going to be playing any competitive matches, but he is definitely going to be close to our sport. He loves it too much to not be connected to it," Ljubicic added. Last week, Federer himself promised he would not turn into a ghost during his retirement. Federer will now put bigger focus on his family, who played a big part in him enjoying a long career.