Roger Federer caught partying after Laver Cup

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Roger Federer caught partying after Laver Cup

Roger Federer partied alongside Team Europe and Team World at a post-Laver-Cup party held at InterContinental London. Federer took photos with teammate Cameron Norrie and his girlfriend Louise Jacobi. Louise posted the photos on her Instagram account.

"A wonderful weekend celebrating Roger Federer at Laver Cup. Congrats to Team World," Norrie's girlfriend captioned the photos.

Federer also joined the DJ of the night for a photo.

"Such an honour to play and provide sound for Roger Federer's party last night," DJ Temi said on her Instagram account. In the same post, DJ Temi also published a video showing Andy Murray cackling near Roger Federer, probably at a good joke coming from the Swiss.

Roger Federer and his hangovers

In a 2019 interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Roger Federer admitted that got so drunk after his 2008 US Open win that he needed 4 days to recover from the hangover.

"I've never had a diet in my life. And I like to celebrate a victory with a good glass of champagne. Once I got drunk too,” said Federer as quoted by the Daily Star. “One happened after winning the US Open.

It took me three and a half days to recover completely. The tournament was finished on Sunday evening and I only recovered on Thursday. I remember everything: the bar was about to close, so we ordered drinks in advance for the following hours.

We realised that we had ordered too many." Yet, that US Open hangover may have not happened during the 2008 US Open, as Federer recently recalled for Caminada magazine. "Well, that was probably in 2005, after my win against Andre Agassi at the US Open," the Swiss said.

"We were in the exit, they said the bar was closing, so we ordered a few last shots, after which I was nauseous for days. But actually, I never lose control, and drinking and driving isn't an option." Read about his Wimbledon hangover at the end of the following article: Roger Federer and his Grand Slam hangovers: “The bar was about to close, so we…”