Iga Swiatek explains what she thought was impressive about Roger Federer

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Iga Swiatek explains what she thought was impressive about Roger Federer

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek said she was amazed by how "smooth and majestic" Roger Federer's game looked. Swiatek, who is now the face of the women's game, paid her tribute to Federer in an interview with Eurosport Polska.

"Roger is a class in itself, in terms of movement, technique, and how he behaves outside the court. I am generally impressed by the smoothness of his movements and how majestic he looks. These are things that I admire immensely, but I don't know if I will be able to introduce them to my game myself.

I will try, but we will see," Swiatek said.

Swiatek on her US Open triumph

Swiatek didn't look convincing leading up to the US Open. Swiatek arrived in New York with a 2-2 record during the North American hard court.

But there was a positive about Swiatek suffering shock back-to-back round-of-16 losses in Toronto and Cincinnati as the Pole arrived in New York with lower expectations. In New York, Swiatek lifted her game and captured her third Grand Slam title.

Also, Swiatek proved that she can overcome a difficult period just before a Grand Slam tournament. "Earlier tournaments and the fact that I lost in the third round in Toronto and Cincinnati allowed me to lower my expectations.

At the beginning of this second part of the season, I actually felt that I had to play the same as in the first," Swiatek explained. "Later I realized that it makes no sense to go back to the past. I focused on what I can do here and now.

In New York, I accepted that maybe on these courts I will not always feel one hundred percent comfortable, that there will be some mistakes on the fast surface, but I focused on, to work it out best and draw conclusions."