'Roger Federer will try to improve his battered knee to...', says top coach

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'Roger Federer will try to improve his battered knee to...', says top coach

Roger Federer's farewell sparked a lot of reactions around the world. The Swiss phenomenon tried hard to get back competitive, but he realized he could no longer go on. When he tried to force more in training, the King's knee was once again giving problems and the response was clear.

“When I was invited to Wimbledon for Center Court's 100th anniversary, I still believed I could return. But ten days later, his knee was in the same condition. I underwent an MRI and the outcome was not satisfactory, there was no more progress.

Within a few days, I realized it was over and I started thinking about how to announce it "- said the 41-year-old from Basel during the Laver Cup. The former ATP number 1 played his last match alongside his rival. always Rafael Nadal, ending a legendary career in the best possible way.

Speaking to Eurosport, Ivan Ljubicic commented on the last performance of the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

Ljubicic on King Roger

Being one of the most affected by the decision made by the Swiss, the Croatian is not sure what the Basel player will do, although he believes that nothing excessively special.

Speaking about the last dance he gave at the 2022 Laver Cup, he commented that: "Although we were prepared to honor that last moment, it was very difficult. I knew that Roger Federer would struggle emotionally, of course, I think everyone expected that.

But for me personally , the trigger was seeing others, Rafa, Novak and Andy, they were very emotional. It was definitely very emotional. Then you see Team World or you look around and everyone is crying. The fans gave everything, it was a great day despite the regrets.

We wanted it to be a party, a celebration. It's not a funeral, nobody died, everything is fine, so we have to go ahead and celebrate who Roger is, what he brought to our sport and what he will continue to bring. in the future because, like he said, he's not going anywhere."

However, Ljubicic confirmed a news: "He won't play any competitive matches, but he will definitely be close to our sport. He loves it too much not to be connected with it." For now, as Federer himself commented, the former tennis player will be even more linked to his family. With his wife and children, Roger will try to rest and improve his battered knee to lead a normal life."