'Roger Federer started this great era', says former Top 10

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'Roger Federer started this great era', says former Top 10

Roger Federer partied with Team Europe and the World Team at a Laver Cup after party held at the InterContinental in London. Federer was photographed with his teammate Cameron Norrie and his girlfriend Louise Jacobi. Louise posted the photos on her Instagram account.

"A wonderful weekend celebrating Roger Federer at the Laver Cup. Congratulations to the world team," Norrie's girlfriend captioned the photos. Federer also joined the night's DJ for a photo. "A great honor to DJ and sound at Roger Federer's party last night," said DJ Temi on his Instagram account.

In the same post, DJ Temi also posted a video of Andy Murray cackling near Roger Federer, probably at a good joke coming from the Swiss. In a 2019 interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Roger Federer admitted that he overdrinked after his 2008 US Open win that he needed 4 days to recover from the hangover.

"I've never been on a diet in my life. And I like to celebrate a win with a nice glass of champagne. I got drunk once too," Federer was quoted as saying by the Daily Star. "One happened after I won the US Open. It took me three and a half days to fully recover.

The tournament ended on Sunday night and I didn't recover until Thursday. I remember everything: the bar was about to close, so we ordered drinks in advance for the following hours. We realized that we had ordered too many." However, that US Open hangover may not have happened during the 2008 US Open, as Federer recently recalled for Caminada magazine.

"Well, that was probably in 2005, after my win against Andre Agassi at the US Open," said the Swiss.

Berdych opens up on Federer

Tomas Berdych spoke candidly about his former rival Roger Federer. "Those who wanted to compare the greatest aces by numbers would find arguments for different players.

The number of Grand Slam titles may be the most objective measure, but there are athletes who have left a huge mark. I think Roger will leave a bigger dent than Djokovic. I think he is a bigger icon than Nadal. Maybe because he started this great era.

What he did for tennis cannot be outweighed by any results," Berdych said. "There were a lot of people who watched matches or started playing themselves because of his skill and performance on the court. That's what makes him superior to others.

Though of course I can understand if a fan finds something special about Nadal, Djokovic or other players," he said.