Golf legend pays tribute to Roger Federer

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Golf legend pays tribute to Roger Federer

Roger Federer told by those who lived it up close, even 24 hours a day. The King" according to Severin Luthi: "A world champion of optimism. Is that because he plays one-handed backhand?" It all starts here. We are at the Swiss Junior Championships when 16-year-old Severin Luthi sees Roger Federer for the first time.

"He was 11 years old, he was very small and thin" The two would meet again two years later, at the National Tennis Center: "There I wondered why he always had to smile. By the way, he also had a mark on his face, I think he had fallen off the bike the week before' But that setback stayed in his head: "I asked myself: 'Who is this? He got better every time I met him and, frankly, it did not explain to me how everything could happen so fast.

Every six months he was at a higher level. Then I became his captain in the Davis Cup, and I realized that everything was possible for him." Former world number 622, Luthi, with no more than 30 years, became the leader of the Swiss national team, since 2007 Federer's coach: "Until he decided to retire, there was always hope, his attitude remained positive.

In this he is the absolute number one, the world champion of optimism and positivity "As it happened after his operation in 2016: "When I found out that he had to have surgery, he told me "when I come back I will be fitter than ever.

Now I can dedicate myself to my family. I was stunned: 'yes, okay, but now you have to have surgery' Because family has always been important to Roger, so much so that it makes him unique: "I think the biggest difference between him and the others is this."

Jack Nicklaus praises King Roger

Former professional golfer Jack Nicklaus paid tribute to the recently retired Roger Federer.

"I remember when I retired from playing golf, you know it was a sad day but a happy day. That's a sad day for all of us who are tennis fans, who are Roger Federer fans. And I loved coming to Wimbledon, I loved to go to the US Open and other places to watch you play.

I am going to lose watching my favorite player because it was really fun watching you. You were sensational. I love the way you handled yourself on the court. I love the way you handled yourself off the court. You have been a true champion for not only the game but for your family and everybody that you know loves you." Concluding his tributary message, the American wished Federer good luck in his retirement while also congratulating him on a glorious career.

"Congratulations my friend, on a great career and I wish you all the best in your retirement, enjoy."