'Roger Federer's retirement from the sport seemed...', says former ace

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'Roger Federer's retirement from the sport seemed...', says former ace

Roger Federer's coach Severin Luthi shared an emotional message for Roger Federer on his Instagram account. The coach and "great friend" of the Swiss teacher accompanied the message with some fun photos with them.

"It's taken me a while to figure out what I wanted to say... It's been a very emotional few weeks, but what a RIDE it's been. Looking at the album on my iphone reminds me of everything we've been through together: the Grand Slam victories, the the victory in the Davis Cup in Lille, the victory in Beijing at the Olympic Games, but also all the special moments we have shared off the court: our vacations, the weddings, the birthday parties, the pranks on other members of the team across multiple continents 🤪 and watch your amazing kids grow up.

I will treasure these moments forever. It has been admirable to see how you have been able to juggle so many things at once; your tennis, your friends, your business, your family, but above all with a smile on your face. You will continue to be an inspiration to many with the passion you had for the game of tennis.

I keep meeting people from all over the world who you inspire and that makes me very happy. I will always remember that I have spent these years with the most pleasant, generous, positive and funny guy. Lastly, I love you and your Poili family who have always been there for me," Luthi wrote on Instagram.

After Federer's coach Severin Luthi captioned a video of them embracing at Roger's retirement ceremony at the O2 Arena with "I love you brushboy", the Swiss maestro reacted on his Instagram Stories.

Gambill praises Federer

Former American tennis player Jan-Michael Gambill called Roger Federer a 'class act' for not overshadowing the retirement of Serena Williams.

"It seemed a little abrupt. Roger is such a class act as it almost seemed like he gave Serena some space for his retirement. He didn't do it close to her, gave that little bit room to breath. We lose Serena now, we lose Roger," said the American.

The 45-year-old also said that he preferred the way Ashleigh Barty and Pete Sampras retired as they departed the sport after winning Grand Slams, unlike Federer and Williams. "This was Roger's moment. As far as retirements go, I still think Pete and Ash Barty did it the best; win a slam and 'Hey, I'm outta here'

But this was emotional for a lot of people and for all the fans of Roger, for there are so many, myself included, it was wonderful" he added.