'This was Roger Federer's moment', says former ATP ace


'This was Roger Federer's moment', says former ATP ace

Novak Djokovic says that he can definitely envision Roger Federer as a tennis coach one day as he underlines that the Swiss has a very impressive knowledge of tennis. Throughout the last Laver Cup, Federer could be seen giving coaching advice to the Team Europe players.

Djokovic, who represented Team Europe, received Federer's advice last weekend in London. "I think Roger can offer a lot. It is logical to expect him to be able to share so many useful and valuable things with anyone. If he ever considers doing it, he's going to bring a lot of positive things to the improvement of that player," Djokovic said, according to James Gray.

After playing the last match of his career, Federer gave credit to his wife Mirka and acknowledged her great support. Djokovic, who is also married with two children, underlined that having a supportive family is definitely a key to enjoying a very successful and long career.

"I understand and empathize with Roger because I understand what it takes to be on the Tour for so long. It's an individual sport, so people think it's really just up to us, whether we win or lose, we take the blame or the credit, which is kind of the truth, but on the other hand you couldn't do it without him.

support from those closest to you. I think he has said very well that his wife Mirka and those closest to him have allowed him to play at such an incredible level for so long", said Djokovic. Like Federer, Djokovic has the full support of his family and that is what it's making it easier for you to be active even at age 35.

Gambill opens up on King Roger

Former American tennis player Jan-Michael Gambill called Roger Federer a 'class act' for not overshadowing the retirement of Serena Williams. "It seemed a little abrupt. Roger is such a class act as it almost seemed like he gave Serena some space for his retirement.

He didn't do it close to her, gave that little bit room to breath. We lose Serena now, we lose Roger," said the American. The 45-year-old also said that he preferred the way Ashleigh Barty and Pete Sampras retired as they departed the sport after winning Grand Slams, unlike Federer and Williams.

"This was Roger's moment. As far as retirements go, I still think Pete and Ash Barty did it the best; win a slam and 'Hey, I'm outta here' But this was emotional for a lot of people and for all the fans of Roger, for there are so many, myself included, it was wonderful" he added.

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