'With Roger Federer you have the feeling that...', says former star

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'With Roger Federer you have the feeling that...', says former star
'With Roger Federer you have the feeling that...', says former star (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Roger Federer played the last match of his extraordinary career last week and even today he doesn't seem to believe it. The Swiss champion gave a long and interesting interview to the microphones of the New York Times where he told several anecdotes and impressions about his career.

Here are his words: "The first feelings after the withdrawal? I feel complete, I lost my last match in both singles and doubles, I was left without a voice to cheer on my teammates, I lost the challenge with Team Europe and let's say I lost my job, but I'm happy.

I'm fine, really fine. It is an irony, everyone imagines having a party for the day of the farewell but it is almost never like that. For me it was and I never imagined that this would happen." Roger also spoke about his children and what they felt when they saw all this: "I saw them very sad, when I told them about the withdrawal, three of them burst into tears.

Even during the Laver Cup they experienced very strong moments and it was very difficult for them also". The winner of twenty Grand Slam events explained again the reasons for the dismissal: "To be honest I think it's a matter of age.

I didn't see any logic in continuing, I've put a lot of effort in the last two years and it's fine. I had surgery last year and I knew that the road to recovery was going to be long. In my dreams I saw myself on the court playing, but I have always been realistic about my return to the court.

It is the right decision for me, I know my physical state. At first I expected to play a 250 or 500 tournament, although my dream was to finish with a Grand Slam tournament, then my knee kept giving me problems and so I accepted everything."

Federer greeted in style

Former World No.

9 Nicolas Almagro described Roger Federer’s farewell as a significant loss for the sporting community. "It is a significant loss for everything that has changed our sport since his arrival, he raised it to a higher level as Tiger Woods did with golf or Michael Jordan with basketball," Almagro said.

"Hopefully the next generations will remain faithful to the legacy that he leaves, so we will be sure that everything that comes is much better. Playing against Federer is a different experience from facing any other player," he continued.

"With Roger you have the feeling at all times that he is playing with you, that he is playing what he wants at all times."

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