'What Roger Federer had on his wrist was pure talent', says former ace


'What Roger Federer had on his wrist was pure talent', says former ace

Asked in a question and answer session on Instagram by his girlfriend Costen Hatzi, Nick Kyrgios revealed that he wants to have 4 children. Coincidence or not, Roger Federer also has 4 children, two sets of twins. In July 2022, Nick was asked by Kyrgios's girlfriend, Costen Hatzi, to reveal the time when they will have babies.

The Australian responded confidently. "Next year," the Wimbledon finalist said in an Instagram Story. The news means that Kyrgios could be a father in the near future. After a fairly disappointing US Open run in his opinion, Nick Kyrgios expressed his gratitude for his girlfriend Costen Hatzi in a public love letter posted on Instagram.

"Dear Coz, what a journey we have already made. My life honestly has never been the same since I met you, you continue to make me smile and be all I need in difficult times. There will always be struggles in life& and I just want to ride the ups and downs with you.

We explore the world and continue to experience all the craziness that is out there, but this is just a little reminder that I love you and you are my best friend," Nick Kyrgios wrote on Instagram. Costen Hatzi responded to the love letter: "I love you" During the US Open, some have pointed out to Nick that the doubles tournament could be partially tiring and lower Nick's ambitions in the singles draw.

"Actively playing doubles that much? Honestly, I prefer double compared to training, it's more money and my girlfriend is happy." Also, with the girlfriend on his side, Kyrgios' motivation to do well is through the roof.

Ferrer opens up on Federer

David Ferrer recalled how swiftly Roger Federer was able to change tactics during the course of a game and always struck the ball masterfully.

"On a professional level, I could never beat him, despite the fact that we faced each other 17 times"," Ferrer said. "In that aspect, he always made me feel a little frustrated, he was a player who changed rhythms very well during games, he dominated the ball perfectly, what he had on his wrist was pure talent.

In the end, talking about Roger Federer is talking about one of the most charismatic players in the history of tennis, if not the most," the Spaniard went on. "Apart from the fact that he has contributed a lot for the health and progress of this sport, the rivalry he has had with Rafa made tennis evolve a lot, so now tennis loses a bit without him. Tennis is Roger Federer."

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