'I feel close to the boy Roger Federer', says former ATP ace

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'I feel close to the boy Roger Federer', says former ATP ace

Felix Auger-Aliassime had an almost perfect month. Having overcome the disappointment of the US Open, where he fell in the second round at the hands of Jack Draper, the Canadian tried it and found prominence when he played as a team: first in the Davis Cup, then in the Laver Cup.

In the first, he defeated new world number one Carlos Alcaraz, taking his Canada to the final in November. In the second, however, Auger-Aliassime showed that he was once again a team man, winning the doubles and singles match against Novak Djokovic on the final day of the Laver Cup, which the world team won for the first time in history.

his career. Present in Kazakhstan for the Astana Open, a 500-point tournament, the Canadian spoke of the role he has played in this last period. "I had two good weeks.-He said at the press conference of the Kazakhstan tournament-In the team competitions (Davis Cup and Laver Cup) I was able to play good games and raise the level when necessary: ​​my team counted on me.

The ability to win these matches when necessary gives anyone a lot of confidence. I hope I can continue at this level towards the end of the season." At the Laver Cup, the world number thirteen also watched as Roger Federer retired when he played his last match on the first day of the competition.

The Canadian number one spoke again of those moments and the emotions that were the great protagonists: "They did an incredible job creating a great night of tennis: the speeches, the videos, the family."

Guga Kuerten on Roger Federer

Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten spoke about humanizing the legends and seemed to relate more to Roger Federer, having watched him play in the juniors and come up on the tour to become World No.

1. "I don't know if they are from another planet, but I feel close to the boy Federer, to the boy I watched play in the juniors to be successful, until he reached number one in the world, maintaining an untouchable level of level of education and professionalism.

This is the size of the figure he represents," Kuerten said. "An athlete has a series of experiences and all the experiences he goes through are valid for a lifetime. It is a cycle that ends at the same time that others appear.

What I found magnificent is again the brilliance of tennis, to see the importance of the opponent as well," Kuerten said. Knowing how important Federer was for Nadal to become an even greater tennis player. If I had faced Nadal, I would have been able to improve much more than the challenges I experienced. It is wonderful," he added, as quoted by tenisnews.