Snooker great John Higgins thought Roger Federer's tearful retirement was 'cringey'

Federer broke down in tears after playing the final match of his career.

by Dzevad Mesic
Snooker great John Higgins thought Roger Federer's tearful retirement was 'cringey'

Four-time snooker world champion John Higgins thoughts that Roger Federer's emotional retirement was "a bit cringey." Two weeks ago, Federer retired from professional tennis at the Laver Cup. For his final match, Federer teamed up with his biggest rival, Rafael Nadal.

After the match was over, both Federer and Nadal got emotional. Also, Federer and Nadal were caught holding each other's hands. In snooker, Higgins, Ronnie O'Sullivan, and Mark Williams are often compared to the Big Three of tennis.

If Higgins one day gets to be a part of O'Sullivan's final tournament, he says he definitely won't be holding O'Sullivan's hand and crying. “I did get shown bits of the TV footage of the Roger Federer retirement match at the Laver Cup, and if I’m honest I thought it was all a bit cringey!

I didn’t watch all of it and I am glad I didn’t from what I caught. Listen, what a player he was and what a great champion. Put it this way, if Ronnie retires I don’t think I’ll be there holding his hand and crying – I am never doing that," Higgins said.

Higgins would never want to have a Federer-like send-off

Higgins, 47, is currently the fifth-ranked player on the snooker rankings. When his time comes to retire, he suggests it will be something very simple. Also, Higgins praised fellow Briton Andy Murray for managing to win three Grand Slams while competing in the Big Three era.

"I feel a bit sorry for Andy Murray that he was born in an era with those three guys, because they are the best ever and he has still managed to win Grand Slams and other big titles. I reckon if it was me retiring it might just be a handshake, that’s it and walk off out of the arena," Higgins added.

Federer, 41, announced his plans to retire just a week before the Laver Cup. In his final tournament, Federer was surrounded by Nadal, Murray, and Novak Djokovic.

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