'We were all hoping to see Roger Federer one last time', says former ace

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'We were all hoping to see Roger Federer one last time', says former ace
'We were all hoping to see Roger Federer one last time', says former ace

Roger Federer officially hung up his racket on 23 September 2022 at the Laver Cup. The Swiss phenomenon played his last match alongside his great rival Rafael Nadal, losing in the super-tiebreak to Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock.

The 41-year-old from Basel had announced his retirement on September 15 through a letter published on Instagram, in which he explained the reasons for his very painful decision. The 20-time Grand Slam champion tried hard to get back in shape, but his right knee didn't respond adequately.

In July, the King underwent a resonance, the outcome of which was not at all satisfactory. There was no more progress. Within a few days, the Master realized it was over and started thinking about how to announce it. During the Laver Cup, the former ATP number 1 promised that he will not stray from the sport that made him famous around the world.

In an interview granted to 'La Nacion', former ATP number 15 Juan Ignacio Chela admitted he was thrilled when he heard the news of Federer's retirement.

Chela opens up on Federer

The former 15th player in the world, and current Argentinian coach Diego Schwartzman explained, like many, that he could not hold back his tears and his emotion when reading the letter from the maestro announcing his retirement.

“The truth is that I cried. It was hard. I think this is the first time I have cried for tennis. I was at home and when I saw the news it was like… In fact, Roger Federer was like retired, because he hadn't played for a year, but we were all hoping to see him one last time.

He said he was getting ready, that he was fine. I said to myself: He is such a genius that maybe at some point he will come back and do something. The news was like a bomb, and everything about the Laver Cup, the retirement, with Rafa crying, it was impressive, it was very emotional", said the Argentinian.

In a recent event held by Lacoste, former World No. 1 Gustavo Kuerten took part in a press interaction, answering questions about tennis, Roger Federer's career and his rivalry with Rafael Nadal. "An athlete has a series of experiences and all the experiences he goes through are valid for a lifetime.

It is a cycle that ends at the same time that others appear. What I found magnificent is again the brilliance of tennis, to see the importance of the opponent as well," Kuerten said. "Knowing how important Federer was for Nadal to become an even greater tennis player.

If I had faced Nadal, I would have been able to improve much more than the challenges I experienced. It is wonderful," he added, as quoted by tenisnews.

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