Boxing icon Mike Tyson reveals his admiration for Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic

Tyson has been following tennis in recent years.

by Dzevad Mesic
Boxing icon Mike Tyson reveals his admiration for Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic

Boxing legend Mike Tyson described prime Roger Federer as "smooth and elegant" and revealed that Novak Djokovic is his favorite player. Tyson, one of the greatest sportsmen in sports history, has fallen in love with tennis in recent years as his 13-year-old daughter Milan is hoping to one day become a tennis pro.

During his appearance on Jimmy Connors' podcast, Tyson was asked to name the players he followed. "Djokovic, definitely, and Federer. Talking about Djokovic, he came back from all those injuries. You know, I love Djokovic personally but I'm just a big fan of Federer.

When he was in his prime, he was always moving in the air. He's smooth. He's really smooth. Nadal was just all over the place. He's a great player, but he doesn't look great playing. Federer is smooth and very elegant," Tyson said on the Advantage Connors podcast, per Sportskeeda.

Tyson praises Federer, Djokovic

Tyson enjoyed watching prime Federer, but Djokovic remains his favorite player. One of the reasons why Tyson really loves Djokovic is because he feels the Serb is "a true fighter." “Novak Djokovic is my favorite at the moment.

If he is okay, I really like to watch him. He is my favorite because the way he has come back from injury and beaten guys like Nadal and Federer is amazing. He's a true fighter,” Tyson added. In late September, Federer retired from professional tennis.

At the Laver Cup - which was Federer's final tournament - Federer was accompanied by Djokovic and Nadal. With Federer retired, Djokovic and Nadal remain the two active members of the Big Three. Since Federer finished his career 20 Grand Slams, the battle for the all-time Grand Slam record has come down to Djokovic and Nadal. Nadal owns a record 22 Grand Slams, while Djokovic has 21 Majors in his collection.

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