Diego Schwartzman tells funny Roger Federer anecdote from Laver Cup

Schwartzman left the Laver Cup with a nice present.

by Dzevad Mesic
Diego Schwartzman tells funny Roger Federer anecdote from Laver Cup

Argentine tennis star Diego Schwartzman says Roger Federer finds it funny how he pronounces his name and also revealed that the Swiss gave him a racket that has "Rosher" signed to it. Schwartzman, 30, was among the participants at this year's Laver Cup as he represented Team World.

This year's Laver Cup was marked by Federer's retirement from pro tennis. Even though Schwarzman and Federer weren't on the same team, the Swiss made sure to gift the Argentine with a nice present. "He laughs a lot about how I pronounce his name, 'Rosher', in the Argentine way.

During the Laver Cup, he gave me a racket and he signed it 'Rosher' (laughter)," Schwartzman said of Federer, per We Are Tennis.

Federer gifted signed rackets to Schwartzman, Stefanos Tsitsipas

After the Laver Cup ended, Tsitsipas posted a photo of him sleeping next to a signed Federer racket.

In London, Tsitsipas approached Federer and asked him if it was possible to receive one of his rackets with his signature. “It would mean the world to me if I could have one of your rackets. I’ve been following you since I was three years old.

If I could have a racquet to frame and put in my house, to share that with you is extremely special to me. I hope you don’t mind giving me that piece of your identity," Tsitsipas said to Federer. “Obviously, he agreed.

Look, Roger was an idol of mine growing up. It would have been wrong not to get something from his last match. He was very nice, and I sleep with it from time to time." Federer's final tournament was extremely emotional. In his final tournament, Federer was accompanied by Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray.

After Federer played the final match of his career, he broke down in tears and Nadal also got very emotional after seeing his long-time rival in tears.

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