'Roger Federer laughs a lot because of...', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer laughs a lot because of...', says ATP ace

We will have to wait exactly one more month, except for new updates and news, to see Roger Federer in action on a tennis court again. In fact, the Swiss will be among the participants in an event organized by his sponsor Uniqlo (clothing company) in Tokyo, set for Saturday, November 19.

The 41-year-old from Basel has officially confirmed his presence at the conference, where he will share the pitch with wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda. Both will give a talk focused on how to improve sustainability in future generations, focusing on their experience as athletes and publicizing the sports textile initiatives of the Japanese brand.

The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles will thus lend himself to some exchanges with young local players, so as not to forget the "old customs" so soon Preparations for the Uniqlo LifeWear Day Tokyo 2022, which promises to be a very special initiative, are underway full gear.

With this message, spread through social networks, the organizers announced that among the special guests at the meeting will be Roger, who has decided not to miss this event. Meanwhile, rumors that Federer will commentate on the upcoming edition of Wimbledon have gained credence again.

Former British player Sue Barker has announced the end of her career as a tennis commentator for the BBC. In a recent interview, according to Tennis 365, she hinted that the Swiss star would be among the new additions to the great commentary team at the London Grand Slam.

More details may emerge or the situation may be confirmed in the coming weeks. After the Laver Cup and the magical retirement from tennis with tears and much emotion, Roger has openly declared that he absolutely does not want to disappear from the tennis scene and has not ruled out the possibility of commentating matches in the future.

Diego Schwartzman praises Federer

Diego Schwartzman was one of the lucky few present during Roger Federer's retirement at the Laver Cup. "Federer is an extraordinary guy," Schwartzman said. "He laughs a lot because of the Argentine accent, because of what we call him, that we pronounce Roger with SH.

On the racket he gave me he made a dedication where he put 'Rosher'" Schwartzman further revealed that he exchanged racquets with the Swiss great, who promised that he would soon use Schwartzman's racquet during one of his friendly matches.

"In the Laver Cup I asked Roger for a racket. We made an exchange and he told me that he was going to continue playing tennis with friends and that he would try my racket," Schwartzman added.