'I asked Roger Federer for a racket', says ATP ace

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'I asked Roger Federer for a racket', says ATP ace

Although Lindsey Vonn had long wanted to ski with Roger Federer, she managed to share the sport that made her world famous with ATP World No. 12 Jannik Sinner, who loves the winter sport. "Welcoming Lindsey and skiing near my hometown is something I will treasure for a long time.

It's hard to put into words how truly special it was for me to spend the day and ski with one of the greatest to ever do it," Sinner wrote. On Instagram. Before sharing photos of himself and Lindsey Vonn on a ski slope, Sinner announced the collaboration as part of a Rolex project that grew out of his shared passion for skiing.

"This has been unforgettable, I'm excited to share with you this exciting project I've been working on with @Rolex! The pursuit of excellence: Skiing was my first sport and what I was training for before choosing tennis It is a sport that I love and something that will always be a part of me.

Having the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of the greatest female skiers of all time was something special. It was a real learning experience to talk about the legacy, the passion and all the hard work that goes into becoming a champion.

We all go through ups and downs in what we do, and I found it important to understand both aspects of the journey and how we can overcome and navigate these times throughout a career and life in the sport," Sinner wrote on Instagram.

Vonn saw the bright side of Federer's withdrawal. Ski legend Lindsey Vonn reacted to the announcement of Roger Federer's retirement. Vonn was visibly shocked by the Swiss maestro's decision, but she too saw the bright side.

Federer is a former No.1

Diego Schwartzman was one of the lucky few present during Roger Federer's retirement at the Laver Cup.

"Federer is an extraordinary guy," Schwartzman said. "He laughs a lot because of the Argentine accent, because of what we call him, that we pronounce Roger with SH. On the racket he gave me he made a dedication where he put 'Rosher'" Schwartzman further revealed that he exchanged racquets with the Swiss great, who promised that he would soon use Schwartzman's racquet during one of his friendly matches.

"In the Laver Cup I asked Roger for a racket. We made an exchange and he told me that he was going to continue playing tennis with friends and that he would try my racket," Schwartzman added.