Jeremy Chardy, 35, reveals Roger Federer's advice on recovery, comeback

Chardy hasn't played since the 2021 US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jeremy Chardy, 35, reveals Roger Federer's advice on recovery, comeback

French tennis veteran Jeremy Chardy, 35, reveals he contacted Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka to seek advice on his recovery and comeback. Chardy, who underwent a knee surgery, hasn't played since the 2021 US Open. Federer, 41, had multiple knee surgeries after turning 35 but still managed to return to tennis.

On the other side, 37-year-old Wawrinka - who underwent two surgeries on his foot last year - returned to pro tennis in March. Federer and Wawrinka encouraged Chardy to have a clear goal, work hard, and believe that it's possible.

Chardy contacted Federer, Wawrinka

"I spoke with Stan (Wawrinka), with Roger (Federer), with injured guys. For advice before the operation. It was the first time I had to stop for so long. They all told me to keep a goal in mind, to do everything to come back and work every day.

But it's longer than I thought with 100% effort and no assurance for the future. Physically, you start from scratch, mentally it's difficult. I haven't hit the ball yet, I resumed physical exercise only on Sunday, with cardio.

The goal is to hit in two weeks. Muscle-wise, I lost a lot. All efforts are difficult. But I will fight! I want to play again. I was playing well before quitting, I was in the 60se world (quarters in Dubai, Rotterdam and at the Olympics).

I was having fun," Chardy told L'Equipe. Chardy's problems started last summer, when he took the COVID-19 vaccine. After taking the vaccine, Chardy reportedly had a negative reaction as he claimed at the time that he was unable to train and play properly.

Then, Chardy started experiencing knee issues. The past year and a half has been very challenging for Chardy, but he is determined to make a successful comeback to tennis and finish his career on his own terms

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