Roger Federer makes hilarious apparition in Berlin

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Roger Federer makes hilarious apparition in Berlin

Attending a Rimowa exhibition in Berlin, Roger Federer was filmed by Rimowa's Head of Global Communications Samantha Garrett while he was wishing a happy birthday to someone called Sebastian. People who watched the video published on Garrett's Instagram account said Federer was "cute" and "hilarious." You can see the video in the Instagram post below.

As a brand ambassador, Federer was in Berlin to see Rimowa's art exhibition.

"One year and seven cities later, RIMOWA's ‘As Seen By’ exhibition has reached its final stop in Berlin. Join us starting from today to see the works of 57 artists who took part in its global journey on display together for the first time, alongside new never-before-seen artworks created especially for the finale," Rimowa captioned the photos they shared from the exhibition.

Federer partnered with Rimowa in 2018

In 2018, Roger Federer was announced as a new ambassador for Rimowa, a suitcase company that was celebrating its 120th anniversary.

Commenting on his partnership with Rimowa, in an interview to CN Traveler the Basel native said: 'I felt it was a very natural fit for me, for both of us. I’m a world traveler for 20 years now—I compare myself to a musician, but I do a world tour every year.

I started in ‘96, it’s been a long long time, and suitcases, traveling, organization is just my life, you know. I know the Arnault family very well through a partnership with Moet and Chandon, they asked me if I would be part of their first global campaign and I said absolutely, it’s a very natural fit—I love the suitcases and the brand and there’s so much potential for the brand.

Being from Switzerland, I appreciate quality and craftsmanship.' Speaking about his mindset before a trip, the 20-time Grand Slam winner said: "It’s mental preparation. You know what, things will go wrong, and if they do, no problem, don’t dwell over it.

Priority comes with the children: make sure they’re comfortable. What we can control on our end, we try to do. Always leave on time, always give yourself a buffer. You don’t want to start missing flights and trains and trams and buses; better to take a bit of time. And eating healthy as you go along."

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