Jim Courier: "I'll tell you about my memory of Roger Federer's night farewell"

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Jim Courier: "I'll tell you about my memory of Roger Federer's night farewell"

In the latest edition of the Inside-In podcast, Jim Courier recalled Roger Federer's latest performance at the O2 Arena in London, for the Laver Cup 2022. Roger played his last career match in doubles along Rafael Nadal.

Former US player told: "I was prepared for that night, I knew there were going to be some very touching moments. I tried to help Roger Federer during the interview on the pitch and he proved to be a real gentleman. I knew it wasn't going to be easy for him to handle emotions, but I didn't expect other players to struggle so hard to hold back their tears.

Federer is one of the greatest athletes ever and his retirement could only generate a wave of reactions around the world. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were also moved, especially Rafa. It was truly a memorable evening.

Everyone realized that it was the end of an era and let themselves be carried away by the magic of that moment." During his formidable career, King Roger has won 20 Grand Slams, 103 ATP titles, 28 Masters 1000 and 6 ATP Finals (a record he shares with Djokovic).

Federer's farewell

The evening of Roger Federer's retreat will remain forever etched in the minds and hearts of the fans. The Swiss played his last match on 23 September 2022 at the Laver Cup, the exhibition he himself founded in 2017.

The former world number 1, who hadn't set foot on the pitch for over a year, joined forces with his longtime rival Rafael Nadal to face Americans Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. At the end of the match, the King received a splendid tribute that thrilled everyone.

Fans were hoping that the Maestro would be able to treat himself to one last ride of the carousel in 2023, but his right knee sent him unmistakable signals. The Basel legend experienced a timid comeback last year, racking up nine wins and four defeats.

The three operations Roger underwent in the last two and a half years were of no use to certify his desire to return to competition.