'I think there was the idea that Roger Federer was...', says expert

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'I think there was the idea that Roger Federer was...', says expert

2022 was a difficult year for all tennis fans: Roger Federer was undoubtedly the most beloved tennis player in history, but this year he surprised everyone by definitively closing his career. The Swiss champion, winner of 20 Grand Slam titles, is in Japan and shared some anecdotes about his family and what he is currently doing.

These are his words during a UNIQLO event: "The mental aspect in tennis is very important. Tennis players have understood that it is essential to disconnect from time to time, whether it is three months or nine, sometimes you have to rest because the path in this sport is very hard.

It's hard to be constantly on the move, in training and jet lagged. Nobody can say that he is tired, especially since this makes you weak in the eyes of the rival. This leads tennis players to end their careers with mental problems, after all we are not machines.

We must understand that we are human". Next, the former tennis player revealed what could happen in his future: "I'm a little afraid to do other sports after retirement. My knees look better, we have to wait a few months and see how the situation evolves.

Now, for me and the family, it's time to travel, I want you to have a lot of fun. I would like to take my children to Africa, now compared to the past I hope that the vacation can be relaxing. After a lifetime of tennis now I want to relax.

I am retired and I want to have a more adventurous vacation."

Federer is relaxing

Nick McCarvel, a well-known tennis reporter, analyst, and host, recently discussed Roger Federer's farewell at the 2022 Laver Cup. "It was amazing.

I think Roger [Federer] pushed himself to get ready. I think he was trying to come back. He came to Wimbledon for that centenary celebration to center court. I think there was the idea that he was gonna make the final push for one more Wimbledon 2023, but the body just wasn't up to it," McCarvel said.

"That week was so special, having Novak, Andy and Rafa there, having the next generation guys like Casper and Stef and even the team world guys. The scenes, Rafa [Nadal], Andy [Murray], Novak [Djokovic], all being very emotional in their own ways as Roger [Federer] was breaking down.

That was a really special moment for our sport and it's hard sometimes I think for us to contextualize it," he added.