US Open junior champ Alex Eala reflects on Roger Federer, Serena Williams' retirement


US Open junior champ Alex Eala reflects on Roger Federer, Serena Williams' retirement

2022 US Open girls' singles champion Alex Eala described Serena Williams and Roger Federer as an inspiration to many but noted that their retirements showed that "they're also people." Williams and Federer, who are widely considered as one of the greatest players in tennis history, retired from pro tennis this year.

Williams and Federer left a major mark in tennis history and Eala is hoping to be one of the players that will one day join them on the all-time greats list. "These people have blazed a trail for so many other young tennis players and young athletes.

And it seems like they’ve been around forever, and you feel like they can keep going and going. But it’s just a reminder that they’re also people, you know. No matter how much they’ve done for the sport, they have to move on with their lives.

I think it allows room for the next generation to naturally climb up the rankings. And be [an inspiration] to the following generations," Eala told Vogue.

Eala on winning the US Open

Eala, 17, put up a very impressive run at Flushing Meadows this year as she won the US Open girls' singles title without a dropped set.

By winning the US Open, Eala became the first-ever Filipino junior to win a Major. Reflecting on her triumph, Eala revealed she "did not have any expectations" coming into the tournament and added that having her family helped her relax and really enjoy her time at Flushing Meadows.

"I tried not to think about [the title] a lot. And I tried not to think that I needed to win. I didn’t really have any expectations coming into it. That was what was different from the other years, I played match by match instead of [thinking of] winning the whole thing.

I think it really helped that my brother was there and my family was there. It helped me relax, and, you know, have fun, like, before the match and not really think about, you know, what’s actually happening," Eala explained.

Eala, who will be turning 18 next May, is ranked at No 219 in the world. Eala is one of the most promising players on the WTA Tour and she is now certainly dreaming of winning a Grand Slam one day on the pro level.

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