Roger Federer explains his hilarious Wimbledon entrance story (video inside)

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Roger Federer explains his hilarious Wimbledon entrance story (video inside)

Roger Federer traveled from Tokyo to London two weeks ago, finishing his sponsorship duties and flying to England to see a doctor. With a couple of hours left until his flight for Switzerland, an eight-time Wimbledon champion wished to visit his beloved event with his coach Severin Luthi.

It turned into an epic story with a lady guard at one gate, as Roger failed to explain who he was and enter without his membership card. In the end, Federer revealed to the lady that he won Wimbledon eight times and that he certainly stands on the member's list.

His efforts were in vain, though. Roger had to go to the other gate and try his luck. This time, the guards recognized him and let him in, and he got a chance to revisit the Center Court. Roger spent an hour with the chairman and left home happy after another visit to his favorite Major, where everything started for him in 2001.

Roger Federer barely entered Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago.

"I drive up to the gate where guests would usually come in. So I got out and told my coach, who was with me, 'I'll quickly go out and speak to the security lady.

I got this.' So then I get out, and I'm like, 'Hello, I was wondering how I could get into Wimbledon?' She asked if I had a membership card. When you win Wimbledon, you become a member automatically. And honestly, I do not know about membership cards, they are probably at home somewhere, and I have just been traveling, so I had no idea.

I told her, 'No, I do not have my membership card, but I'm a member. I'm wondering where I can get in. I'm like, 'No, I'm a member, and normally when I'm here, I'm playing. And now it's the first time the tournament is not on, and I'm here.'

I look at her in a panic one last time and say, 'I'm so sorry, but I have won this tournament eight times; please, believe me, I'm a member.' The security guard standing there says, 'Oh my god, Mr. Federer, what are you doing here? Do you have your membership card? I said I did not, but the security guard let me in and organized it all.

And I thought of going over to the other side and giving the other security guard a wave, but I did not do it," Roger Federer said.