'It's amazing what Roger Federer has accomplished', says former ATP ace


'It's amazing what Roger Federer has accomplished', says former ATP ace

Roger Federer told by those who lived it up close, even 24 hours a day. The King" according to Severin Luthi: "A world champion of optimism". "Is that because he plays the one-handed backhand?" It all starts here. We are at the Junior Swiss Championship when 16-year-old Severin Luthi sees Roger Federer for the first time.

"He was 11 years old, he was very small and thin" The two would meet again two years later, at the National Tennis Center: "There I wondered why he always had to smile. By the way, he also had a mark on his face, I think he had fallen off his bike the week before' But that setback stayed in his head: "I asked myself: 'who is this? I got better every time I met him and, frankly, I couldn't understand how it could all happen so fast.

Every six months he was at a higher level. Then I became his captain in the Davis Cup, and I realized that anything was possible for him." Former world number 622, Luthi, aged no more than 30, became the leader of the Swiss national team, since 2007 Federer's coach: "Until he decided to retire, there was always hope, his attitude remained positive.

In this he is the absolute number one, the world champion of optimism and positivity. Now I can dedicate myself to my family. I was stunned: 'yes, okay, but now you have to have surgery' Because family has always been important to Roger, so much so that it makes him unique: "I think the biggest difference between him and the others is this.

He has a life off the court. He always had it. When he lost he felt very disappointed, but when he went with his family he disconnected. That made it so beautiful and unique" Until the stop: "There were good moments even in 2021."

Tommy Haas on Roger Federer

As part of an interview given to our colleagues from Eurosport Germany, Tommy Haas, who is close to Roger Federer, reminded us that Roger had human qualities well above average.

“Roger is an incredible guy, on and off the court, as a friend, as a father, as a man. With him, we always have fun. He has a wonderful outlook on life and it's wonderful to spend time with people like him. It's amazing what Roger has accomplished, for so long and so consistently. He played as if he came from another planet, it was the period from 2004 to 2006."

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