'I know Roger Federer would like to have fun on...', says former ace

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'I know Roger Federer would like to have fun on...', says former ace

Roger Federer recalled his 2009 Wimbledon final victory over Andy Roddick. The Swiss prevailed 16-14 in the fifth set after an impressive battle. "10-all in the fifth and I still haven't had a chance to break Andy," Federer said.

"I didn't want to lose the epic Wimbledon finals on my back, it would have been so disappointing because there's a lot of work to get to the Wimbledon finals which of course the year before I was so proud to be a part of that and he wanted to not only win Wimbledon, but also achieve the record for most Grand Slams of all time.

He had captured Pete Sampras' record at the French Open and going into Wimbledon he was incredibly confident. I wanted to win the French Open and Wimbledon for the first time and I loved being in a match like that. I was very sad for Roddick because he deserved to win Wimbledon too and I see him as a Wimbledon champion even though he has never won one.

He was a great ambassador for the game, which was hard for me when I was finally able to pull it off, but it was one of those great moments, as Pete Sampras was there, Bjorn Borg was there as well, John McEnroe, Rod Laver, which was for me a Incredible honor to be playing at that time and all the legends to be present." Federer also won the 2004 Wimbledon final victory over Roddick: "It was a lot of pressure.

Opening Center Court that Monday, I heard there was a lot of talk about it and I really thought against Andy Roddick I played the grand final. An offensive style and I beat him in a tough game. I thought maybe there was some rain involved in the finals as well and defending was a big relief and something like that also because he was world number 1 at the time and I wanted to consolidate my position as well."

Ljubicic talks about Federer

While speaking to Marion Bartoli on her podcast, Ivan Ljubicic mentioned that Roger Federer has continued to train and would like to have fun on the court as feels his best there.

"He still practices when he can, he is still staying active, and he feels good. His life hasn't changed much. I know he would like to have fun on the tennis courts, that's the place where he feels the best," said the Croat.