Nick Kyrgios: Roger Federer had the ability to make you feel like s--- on court


Nick Kyrgios: Roger Federer had the ability to make you feel like s--- on court

Nick Kyrgios is tipping Novak Djokovic to finish as the greatest tennis player of all time but noted that it was Roger Federer who had the ability to make an opponent feel miserable on the court. When Kyrgios and Federer met at the 2015 Madrid Masters, the Australian claimed a surprise win.

Kyrgios and Federer met six more times, with the Swiss ending on the winning side each time. Kyrgios maybe lost six in a row against Federer but a couple of their matches went to the distance and it ended with the Australian suffering heartbreaking losses.

"I think when it's all said and done Novak will be the GOAT, but I think without Federer there is no Nadal, no Djokovic, he bought so many fans to tennis. Nadal and Djokovic will let you work your way into the match a bit more, with your groundstrokes and stuff, but Federer can just make you feel like pure s---, makes the court look so small.

If it's purely tennis related I'd say Novak, but if it's more than an athlete I'd say Federer," Kyrgios said on The JBK Show.

Kyrgios: Federer is gone, appreciate Djokovic's presence

Before the start of the Australian Open, Kyrgios called for the Australian public to give a warm welcome to Djokovic.

"I think it is just so important to have him around. Obviously, one of the greatest already left us last year, Roger [Federer] and I don't think we actually knew how special these guys are to our sport. So every time Novak is around at one of these events, I will want to beat him - even if I can't at a Grand Slam, but it is very important to have him around because he is one of the most important [players] for our sport," Kyrgios said.

In the past, Kyrgios and Djokovic didn't really have a great relationship. But it all changed after Kyrgios publicly supported Djokovic during the Australia visa debacle.

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