Roger Federer: 'It's going to be different but good different'

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Roger Federer: 'It's going to be different but good different'

A few months before his retirement from tennis, Roger Federer was still confident that he could return to the courts. In the summer of last year, the Swiss realized that his knee was not responding in the best way during training and made the decision to retire.

The announcement took place on Instagram on September 15, 2022 and caused a wave of reactions from all corners of the world. The former ATP No. 1 has made a truly gigantic impact on the sport, contributing more than anyone else to the popularity of tennis and approaching a myriad of sponsors.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion said goodbye to tennis played at the Laver Cup, the exhibition he founded in 2017. The 41-year-old from Basel played one last doubles match with his eternal rival Rafael Nadal at the O2 Arena in London, before receiving a truly moving tribute.

Although the genius now enjoys life away from the circuit, many are still waiting for him to return to the court. In a brief interview with 'CNBC', Federer reiterated that he will not play on the ATP circuit again. "I've never really liked comebacks," Federer began without mincing words.

"When I made the decision to retire, I thought about it well and I knew that I would not return. I do not regret my choice, because I know very well that I squeezed the lemon to the last drop. My career is definitely over. Knee problems have made the last few years very difficult, I can't deny it.

If someone had told me three or four years ago that I would have to undergo three knee operations, I would have put my hands to my hair!" added the Master.

Federer on his life after retirement

During a press conference at the 2022 Laver Cup, Roger Federer discussed his life after retirement.

"No, everything around, you know, the people, the fans, interactions, and sometimes the travels. It's been a great fun time on the tour, but I feel super ready to do different things in my life and take time away and speak to my family and see where we want to go from here," he said.

"I had a wonderful time on tour. Made so many friends, as well, you know, along the way. Being surrounded by my biggest rivals like Novak and Andy and Rafa, I mean, was truly unique, and I can never thank them enough for being there and staying there and going through it with me," he said.

"Now, moving forward, yeah, it's going to be different but good different. I got a taste of it the last few years, so I'll be fine (smiling)," he added.

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