Wally Masur: Roger Federer no longer GOAT candidate, there are no style points

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Wally Masur: Roger Federer no longer GOAT candidate, there are no style points

Wally Masur says Roger Federer's chances of finishing as the GOAT are over as he believes that the number of Grand Slams is the thing that counts and not the elegance and style. Federer, who retired after the Laver Cup, finished with 20 Grand Slams - the third-best in tennis history.

After winning this year's Australian Open, Novak Djokovic tied Rafael Nadal on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 22 Majors. Masur, a former two-time Grand Slam semifinals and Australian Davis Cup team captain, believes Federer is no longer a candidate for the GOAT status.

"He's sitting on 20 (titles) - he's not there, and he's retired. You don't get points for grace in my book. There are no style points. It's not ice skating. I'm just going to go purely with the numbers," Masur told Stan Sport's Grand Slam Daily, per Nine's Wide World of Sports.

Masur: Federer is not the GOAT, Nadal and Djokovic still battling

Djokovic and Nadal are still active and tied for the most Grand Slam titles. When asked if we have the GOAT, Masur said he will have until we definitively know who finishes with more Majors.

"Not yet. Rafa's got 22 slams [as well]. I'm just going to go with the numbers. You cannot compare eras. Don't even bother. It was all relative. So if he (Djokovic) wins 23 slams and Rafa ends up with 22 - he's the greatest. If the opposite is true - Rafa is the greatest," Masur explained.

Last year, Nadal won the Australian Open and French Open to improve to 22 Grand Slam titles. Then, Djokovic responded by winning Wimbledon and this year's Australian Open. In late May and early June, the French Open will be taking place.

Nadal is a record 14-time French Open champion and there is no doubt that the Spaniard will be looking to reclaim the all-time Grand Slam record at Roland Garros.

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