'You need to value Roger Federer as...', says former ace

Federer deserves credit for dominating across multiple generations

by Simone Brugnoli
'You need to value Roger Federer as...', says former ace

A very special event that also turned out to be of great help to his career. Mikaela Shiffrin, the alpine ski champion dominating the 2023 World Cup and preparing for the World Championships, recently recounted lunch with former Swiss tennis player Roger Federer.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the American she admitted how this appointment really helped her to become positive and enthusiastic again, since she was going through a not easy period in her life (from the sporting and private point of view).

"Roger told me that 'to preserve the longevity of your career, you have to take moments to look around, appreciate where you are, breathe' When you get to the prime of your career, when it becomes more difficult to look up and around you and appreciating everything that is there at that moment, is when it is most important to do it", stressed the American, who has already reached the record of 85 victories in the World Cup, surpassing Lindsey Vonn, with 82, and Stenmark (stagnant in 86).

The American added that Roger advised her to "enjoy the most incredible moments because what I do is incredible." She then continued: "I was like, 'My God, Roger Federer is talking to me about my career.' It was a bit difficult to sum it all up and understand everything he was saying, because I was a bit stunned from all the time we spent together at lunch," explained the champion.

The event took place after the World Cup stage in Lenzerheide, that had the presence of Federer at the goal. Shiffrin also recounted the reaction of the skiers to the presence of the Swiss champion: "All the girls were saying: 'My God, they are teaching Roger' Roger Federer is here!

Everyone was very nervous, more because of his presence than because of the race itself," she concluded.

Corretja comments on Federer

Alex Corretja hopes Swiss legend Roger Federer will be given a special show instead of just a commentary stint.

"I’m not so sure if he’s going to be calling matches or not, or if he's going to be sitting in the booth, maybe he might do it from time to time," Corretja said. "But I see him running a show, being the main one there and saying, ’Okay, I'm the man here’, guiding the whole thing.

Maybe doing interviews or a program, doing something special. But it has to be something special and knowing Roger, for sure it’s going to be something special. He’s not going to be calling matches for eight hours a day, I don’t think that makes sense. You need to value Federer as who he is and he has to be something very unique because he is very unique," he added.

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