Roger Federer promotes the new sneakers for the clay-courts!

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Roger Federer promotes the new sneakers for the clay-courts!
Roger Federer promotes the new sneakers for the clay-courts! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Roger Federer took the court in person to promote the new line of designer sneakers designed specifically to improve performance on clay-courts. The Swiss company On running presented and disseminated through social networks the release of the iconic shoe entitled The Roger Pro Clay.

The challenge launched follows that of last year. Thanks to the collaboration of the champion born in Basel as a shareholder, The Rogers have had a great international success, attracting a lot of attention and curiosity among the people.

The company has published a video that portrays the now 41-year-old former athlete, testimonial of the new line, in close-up and as the protagonist: King Roger is back for the occasion on a clay court and holding a racket.

The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles practiced on the slow surface with the new shoes, showing how impressed he was with the performance of On running's latest creation.

Roger Federer promotes the new sneakers for the clay-courts!

During the video Federer glides effortlessly across the court, easily hitting the ball with his distinctive and 'unique' backhand. The latest addition to the company's line was no exception and immediately struck the public: for several it is already a hunt for a model that aims to provide players with better balance and stability on the pitch.

The sleek design and performance capabilities of the shoe could help a tennis player improve their level of play. Meanwhile, The Roger Pro Clay, launched by the Swiss himself, have already become a best and interesting topic especially for fans.

With this initiative Federer tries to stay in touch with tennis. In September 2022, the Basel native decided to officially leave competitive sport with a beautiful farewell ceremony at the Laver Cup, held in London. On this occasion, the Swiss once again showed his great bond with tennis, which will always remain imprinted in his mind and in that of the fans.

Guest on Trevor Noah's The Daily Show last December, Roger Federer explained that he will try not to abandon the world of tennis after his retirement.

He told: "I want to try and see how I can manage to get involved in tennis somehow, I don't know how and in what forms. Maybe in our sport there are fewer ways to go, for example, than in football or golf: either be a coach or commentator.

I can't wait to find out what the future holds for me. Right now I still have many events organized by my partners and sponsors, they are going very well."

Roger Federer