Roger Federer: 2022 has been another impactful year for Roger Federer Foundation

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Roger Federer: 2022 has been another impactful year for Roger Federer Foundation

Roger Federer took to Instagram to reveal that 2022 "has been another impactful year" for the Roger Federer Foundation. In 2003, the Swiss tennis icon launched his foundation. Since then, the Roger Federer Foundation has been helping kids in mostly underdeveloped regions to get early education.

Last year, Federer visited the African continent as a part of his foundation's work. "This last year, 2022, has been another impactful year for the foundation. We continue to make strides across Southern Africa with early childhood education.

Please see some of the highlights we have achieved since the start of the foundation in 2003: 2.4 million children benefited from higher quality early education. More than 44,000 teachers improved their abilities thanks to training.

More than 12,000 educational institutions have improved the quality of their curriculum. The RF Foundation has operated in 7 countries together with 29 partner organizations. We have invested 77.5 million Swiss francs to help improve education in Switzerland and Southern Africa.

Thanks to everyone who has been there to support me since 2003. This year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary together! To see more about the annual report please check out my link in bio," Federer captioned his Instagram post.

Federer enjoying his retirement days

Meanwhile, Federer hasn't attended any tournaments as a guest since retiring in September.

In October, the Basel organizers wanted to organize a special ceremony for Federer but the Swiss politely declined their offer. Also, it was reported that Tennis Australia really wanted to have Federer as a guest at this year's Australian Open.

Again, Federer politely declined the invitation. In recent weeks and months, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the possibility of Federer being a part of the BBC's 2023 Wimbledon coverage. According to the latest reports, Federer "remains expected" to be a part of the BBC's 2023 Wimbledon coverage. At Wimbledon, Federer is a record eight-time champion and a true icon.

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