Patrick Mouratoglou: Roger Federer is the master of SABR, Nick Kyrgios is following

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Patrick Mouratoglou: Roger Federer is the master of SABR, Nick Kyrgios is following

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou says Nick Kyrgios now has the best SABR in the game but underlined that Roger Federer will forever be the master of that shot. The SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger) is a trick shot on the return, when the returner tries to quickly advance to around the service line area and catch his opponent by a surprise.

Many times, Federer was able to perfectly execute the SABR. Kyrgios, who is widely regarded as one of the biggest entertainers in tennis, has also had success when going for that particular trick shot. "Now is Nick Kyrgios, but he is following the master, Roger Federer," Mouratoglou said.

Kyrgios had major respect for Federer's game

Against Federer, Kyrgios played seven times.

Kyrgios' only win against Federer came at the 2015 Madrid Masters, when he upset the Swiss. In the next couple of years, Kyrgios and Federer had a couple of thrilling battles but every time it was the Swiss who would end on the winning side.

In January, Kyrgios appeared on the JBK Podcast. During his appearance, Kyrgios said Federer had "the ability to make you feel like pure s---" on the court. "I think when it's all said and done Novak will be the GOAT, but I think without Federer there is no Nadal, no Djokovic, he bought so many fans to tennis.

Nadal and Djokovic will let you work your way into the match a bit more, with your groundstrokes and stuff, but Federer can just make you feel like pure s---, makes the court look so small. If it's purely tennis related I'd say Novak, but if it's more than an athlete I'd say Federer," Kyrgios said on The JBK Show.

Since September, Federer has been enjoying retirement life. This summer, it has been rumored that Federer could return to Wimbledon as a commentator. At Wimbledon, Federer is a record eight-time champion and a true icon.

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