Ben Shelton: "Roger Federer congratulated me on my victories"

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Ben Shelton: "Roger Federer congratulated me on my victories"
Ben Shelton: "Roger Federer congratulated me on my victories" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Ben Shelton, who last year was not in the top 600 of the ranking and today finds himself in 39th place in the ATP ranking. An extraordinary journey made by the young American talent, sealed by the quarterfinals at the Australian Open reached this year.

Speaking during an interview with the ATP website, Shelton expressed all his amazement for having reached this level in such a short time. He analyzed: "Everything that happened to me in the last few months was totally unexpected, my father told me many times that the road to the elite would be much slower, but I always did everything possible to get here.

Of course it's a surprise to get here so quickly, but I'm really excited about what I've done, I'm so confident in myself and my abilities, I always thought I could do it." He also talked about collaboration with ON and with former Swiss champion Roger Federer: "He sent me some messages during my performance at the last Australian Open, congratulating me on my victories, we also talked about my evolution.

I couldn't be happier to join a brand like ON, in which he is also involved, I'm really excited about this new step in my career, I'm sure we will have a lot of fun."

Shelton: "Before the player is the person"

Much of his success, Ben Shelton recognizes the people who are close to him.

Those who love him, who guide him, who belong to his family or to his team. And the talented American player revealed it openly, interviewed by the ATP on the eve of his debut at the Masters 1000 in Miami. He exolained: "Things become easier thanks to the team around me, both the one that accompanies me to tournaments and the one that helps me from home.

We talk a lot about everything, thanks to them I've improved a lot and I can focus on the things I need to continue evolving, there are still many things to work on both on and off the pitch. It's not just about playing tennis, before the player comes the person, so I'm very happy when I see the fans cheering me on during matches."

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