Tommy Haas tells about time he wanted to retire moments after win over Roger Federer

Haas stunned Federer in the 2017 Stuttgart round-of-16.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tommy Haas tells about time he wanted to retire moments after win over Roger Federer

Tommy Haas revealed he was thinking of announcing his retirement on the court just moments after pulling off a stunning and memorable win over Roger Federer at 2017 Stuttgart. In the 2017 Stuttgart round-of-16, Haas' family and friends were in attendance for the German's match against Federer.

Less than half an hour into the match, Federer was up by a set and a break as the Swiss led 6-2 2-1. During an appearance on the Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis podcast, Haas revealed that he started feeling embarrassed at that moment and didn't want to be absolutely destroyed.

Then, Haas pulled off one of the most stunning comebacks of his career to beat Federer 2-6 7-6 (8) 6-4.

Haas on thinking about announcing retirement after beating Federer

"I somehow sneak out the tie-break and I'm sitting back down looking at the clock, and it says like an hour and 25 minutes so I'm like this is great, life couldn't be better.

I'm out here enjoying myself, full-house, we're playing good tennis. When I went up a break (3-2) I thought Wow! I might have a chance to win this match. But, on the flip side of that coin, I could feel my back tightening up!

I'm so happy and relaxed, I'm just loving in, and on the other side I can't believe I'm having issues with my back again at this moment when I'm trying to enjoy so much because I feel this is one of those injuries that's gonna drag along for a couple of days or weeks.

I win the match of course and as I'm walking to the net and shaking his hand, I'm thinking to myself maybe it's just time to take the microphone and say that's it! I can't really top it. Beating Roger on the grass in Germany (with) my daughter and family here - this is as good as it gets.

Because I already know my back is so bad that I don't think I can play the next match the way I want to. I might as well just be done," Haas said, via Sportskeeda. In the end, Haas ended up appearing in five more tournaments.

After losing to Mischa Zverev in the 2017 Stuttgart quarterfinal, Haas picked up five consecutive first-round defeats in his last five tournaments as the win over Federer ended up being his final career win.

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