Coach Peter Lundgren reveals his favorite Roger Federer anecdote

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Coach Peter Lundgren reveals his favorite Roger Federer anecdote
Coach Peter Lundgren reveals his favorite Roger Federer anecdote (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Coach Peter Lundgren revealed his favorite Roger Federer anecdote as the Swedish coach knew by the Swiss' reaction to winning a first ATP title that there would be a lot more in the future. Lundgren, who worked with Federer between 2000 and 2003, was one of Federer's first coaches.

In 2001 February, Federer defeated Julien Boutter in the Milan final to lift his first ATP title. Lundgren, who won three titles during his career, was asked by Blick to reveal his favorite Federer anecdote. "After he won his first ATP tournament in Milan in 2001, I pulled him aside and jokingly said: Well, now you're only two titles behind me.

Roger only smiled at that. And I knew right away: there will be a lot more to come," Lundgren told Blick.

Lundgren on Federer winning 103 titles during his career

"Yes, fabulous. Absolutely insane," Lundgren said. After the 2003 season, Lundgren and Federer went their separate ways.

When asked about his relationship with Federer, Lundgren noted everything is fine between them but also suggested that they are not really in contact. "Well, Roger was never the best caller in the world. But that's absolutely fine with me - I'm happy every time I see him on TV.

Also, I recently met his parents. We talked for 20 minutes, it was a nice experience," Lundgren revealed. In 2003, Lundgren guided Federer to his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon. That turned out to be the beginning of Federer becoming one of the greatest players in tennis history.

Also, Federer became a marketing giant and one of the most marketable athletes in sports history. "This is his world. He grew into it and is an absolute professional in dealing with the media. It makes me proud to see how my student from back then has become a man," Lundgren reflected.

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