Roger Federer reveals the 4 most important lessons of his career

If there's four things we should learn from Federer, here they are.

by Claudiu Pop
Roger Federer reveals the 4 most important lessons of his career

During a Q&A session held on Twitter, Roger Federer revealed that the most important lessons that he learned from his legendary career are overcoming adversity, not dwelling on the past, staying creative, and thinking out of the box.

This is the question Federer was asked in the Q&A thread: "Roger, reflecting on your illustrious career, what would you say was the most significant lesson or insight you gained throughout your journey as a tennis player, and how do you envision applying it to your life beyond the sport?" And here is Federer's full answer: "overcoming adversity.

not dwelling on the past. staying creative and thinking out of the box. all of these were important skills as a tennis player but feel just as relevant today."

Roger Federer "taught us sportsmanship above all else"

Former WTA star Carla Suarez Navarro talked about the lessons she learned from Federer, and they're similar to what Federer learned himself from his career.

“Every person who loves sports, loves Roger Federer. That is his legacy. To say that he is the best ever is a common debate and is complicated. What is clear is that he changed tennis today. And the sport. When you want to practice one, whatever it is, you want to do it like him, with that elegance, without sweating.

As if it didn't cost him. We all want to be like him,” she noted. “Whether or not your favorite player. If you love tennis, if you watch it with real attention, you enjoy watching Roger play. His dedication has been such that he amazed different generations.

We grew up watching him overcome, succeed and give us a lesson in values. He taught us sportsmanship and respect above all else. He showed us that it is possible to reach the top while keeping your feet on the ground. Coinciding at the same time has been special.

Being able to compete on the same courts, something unforgettable,” Suarez Navarro wrote after Federer's retirement.

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